i also don’t buy that there’s no reification of capital inherent in white leftists rioting in response to the murder of black people. i really don’t. i dont buy that any of those fucking shitbags give a single fuck about the genocide of black people. its always struck me as exploitative catharsis, a realm for white folks to easily engage in the destructive impulse without the repercussions from the state, without the pain and trauma of anti-black genocide, etc.

when kenneth harding was murdered, the majority of the FTP march ended with a few white folks getting arrested for the first time ever (the majority of arrest were black and brown), a whole slew of white people raising money and supporting them, meanwhile, the police were storming homes in the bayview, holding black activists for weeks with no charges, etc. there was no fucking connection between the black and brown people protesting the police genocide and the white anarchists there. none.

to see that, and to say there is nothing there to be critiqued, is white supremacy.

and on top of that, to blame the media’s portrayal of black communities as liberal and inherently anti-violence on the black community themselves, rather than on the manipulation of these racial gaps, using the alienation from whiteness to alienate black people from radicalism, and placing black radicalism in the realm of “thugging”, is white supremacy.

besides that, the absolute WORST liberalism you would ever experience is from white people, INCLUDING white anarchists. liberalism IS white supremacy, it is NEO-COLONIALISM and the most committed liberals will ALWAYS be white people, regardless of politics. it is born from that, it exists to continue colonialism, and white anarchists participate simply by participating in the alienation of black folks from resistance.

when white people show up en masse take over black resistance, that is the start of alienation. when white people then tell black folks their resistance is too kind, too soft, that is the continuation of alienation. when white people make radical spaces unsafe for black folks by bringing unnecessary heat from police, emphasis on visibility of resistance, the false need for immediacy, the expectation of immediate trust, the denial of self-determination, the scapegoating of liberalism onto black folks uninterested in white-defined resistance, etc, that is the alienation from resistance.

black people have such an enormously vibrant and long history of resistance, that WILL continue without white interference, that while slowed down, will NOT be drowned out by white liberalism.

the black people in ferguson are perfectly capable of seeing what’s happening in their city, even when a handful reproduce the goals of the state. your interference is harmful and unwanted.